• Bookings and Production plans are valid for 30 days.
  • The school is not opposed to any third party advertising inserted onto the DVD as part of sponsorship of the production, thus allowing us to keep the cost of DVDs down.
  • The support from the schools’ requesting parents/guardians to refrain from utilizing their own cameras.
  • The client is to promote the sales of the DVD’s to parents/guardians.
  • The client takes responsibility for the collection of payment from the parents/guardians.
  • The client rakes responsibility for the distribution of the DVD’s.
  • The client supplies all graphic material and logos specifically required by them for the production promptly.(subject to approval of said material by creative control managers)
  • The client will provide all soundtracks specifically required by them to Red Bush Productions.
  • The client will ensure that should the delivery of the production happen within the last 3 weeks of 2014 all payments and outstanding amounts will be paid in not later than 7th February 2015.
  • The client hereby grants Red Bush Productions all rights to all footage filmed and resulting compilations.
  • No outright cancellation of this production will be accepted after  pre-shoot has been filmed, we will however, accommodate date and time changes to the best of our ability.
  • A penalty fee will be charged to cover costs incurred for cancellations after pre-shoot has been filmed.
  • Red Bush Productions does not include filming of: additional/specialized lighting, dolly’s, jibs, cranes or sound engineering unless otherwise stated and agreed to.
  • All non commissioned projects are deemed to be under the total creative control of Red Bush Productions
  • while we will accept input we reserve the rights to creative control as we assume the risk these include Class DvDs and school concerts as well as dance festivals

Please note all payments are non refundable.

Red Bush Productions will not be held responsible for any scratching of persons’ items or items not preformed for any reason whatsoever.

Privacy Policy: We will not intentionally divulge any personal information to any third party. See full Privacy Policy here.


Owner / Director
David Roos


Post-Production Manager
Christiaan Le Roux


Productions Manager
Martin King


Anastaseia Panseri


Small Unit Manager
Ference Rostasi


Small Unit Manager
Stefan Walker


Small Unit Manager
Michelle Bremner


Thomas Sanders


Tessa Davies


Gemini Du Plessis


Kayla McKenzie


Chanel Schutte

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