We at Red Bush realised very early on that the key to sustainability in a volatile market was repeat business.

This we have managed to attain through building an incredibly large client base of schools that regularly take advantage of our products and services as a result of continued high quality and customer service

We are proud of the fact that we no longer wonder whether or not we will be filming their concerts, but rather wonder when their concerts will take place.

We offer schools three primary services:

Filming of School concerts and plays

Filming of Graduation events

Filming of class DVD’s (A Day at school)


Owner / Director
David Roos


Post-Production Manager
Christiaan Le Roux


Productions Manager
Martin King


Anastaseia Panseri


Small Unit Manager
Ference Rostasi


Small Unit Manager
Stefan Walker


Small Unit Manager
Michelle Bremner


Thomas Sanders


Tessa Davies


Gemini Du Plessis


Kayla McKenzie


Chanel Schutte

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