Red Bush does not charge any shoot fees for the filming of school concerts.

all revenue is derived from the sale of DVD’s to the parents.

We always film school concerts in multicam, with never less than two cameras. Only 3ccd / HD broadcasting equipment is used. We do use additional lighting to ensure detail and adequate lighting conditions.

As added value, we also include at no cost to the school a pre-shoot comprising 12-15min of footage cut to music, featuring the children playing on the playground. This we have found to be very popular with the parents.

DVD covers are designed and themed after the the theme of the concert or play. All DVDs are proffessionaly printed and duplicated.

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Toy Story SMILEY DORIANDER - DISK san mon cd copy pitter patter cd copy
peter pan DVD copy o'summit copy dvd kid co copy pitter patter copy


Owner / Director
David Roos


Post-Production Manager
Christiaan Le Roux


Productions Manager
Martin King


Anastaseia Panseri


Small Unit Manager
Ference Rostasi


Small Unit Manager
Stefan Walker


Small Unit Manager
Michelle Bremner


Thomas Sanders


Tessa Davies


Gemini Du Plessis


Kayla McKenzie


Chanel Schutte

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