In 2012 Red Bush introduced a new product targeted at schools, titled  A day at school.
This production features the children class for class, and their experiences on an average day at school.

We usually spend 3-5 days at the school depending on the size of the school, and capture activities indoors and outdoors. We include interviews with the teachers detailing each child in their class, also include a few extra mural activities. We make certain that every child present, is featured.

These productions are also at no cost to the school, and based purely on sales to the parents.

A by product of this production is enough footage to compile a 5min promotional video for the school to be used for advertising.

We compile this video for the school as our way of saying thank you, and host this video on Youtube.

Below are a few samples of our most recent videos:


Owner / Director
David Roos


Post-Production Manager
Christiaan Le Roux


Productions Manager
Martin King


Anastaseia Panseri


Small Unit Manager
Ference Rostasi


Small Unit Manager
Stefan Walker


Small Unit Manager
Michelle Bremner


Thomas Sanders


Tessa Davies


Gemini Du Plessis


Kayla McKenzie


Chanel Schutte

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